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GalPals Therapeutic Auto Cooling Breast Pads (27 C)

The Opal Gal Pals 80° Go uses Phase Change Material technology to keep the pads cool even at room temperature – no refrigeration required! These Gal Pals are designed for on-the-go cooling, they can be tucked into your bra for cooling relief that’s skin-safe and soothing. Provided in a set of 4.

GalPals Therapeutic Cooling Breast Pads (58 C)

Introducing Gal Pals: your new breast friends! These cooling breast pads pair well with all hot women and are designed to chill your hot assets. Opal Gal Pals are the perfect companions for pregnant and breastfeeding moms; women going through perimenopause and menopause; or for a quick cool down after a workout. Tuck them discreetly in your bra to soothe breast tenderness and relieve pain. Pack a pair to cool boob sweat after a workout or during a hot flash. Where to wear? Top of boob, side-boob, under-boob. They’re perfect for self-care, anywhere. Opal Gal Pals come in sets of four and make great gifts. They are the cooling essential for new moms; women feeling the heat with menopause, MS and heat stress; and breast cancer warriors.

Opal Cool Sleep Pad

● Perfect for self-care and sleep wear, this pad is designed for every hot body. ● Rest comfortably on the pad to cool hot flashes and night sweats. ● Enjoy soothing relief for symptoms of MS and heat stress. ● Relax sore muscles and ease back pains. ● May also be used on office chairs, wheelchairs, and hospital beds.

Opal Cool Wrap

● Cool therapy for menopause, Multiple Sclerosis, and heat stress ● Clinically tested soothing relief ● Antimicrobial-treated and safe against skin ● Available in two colors

Opal Eye Mask

Opal Cool products are made with plant-based cooling phase change material (PCM) that can be applied directly to the skin for safe, soothing, and enjoyable cooling therapy without the worry of uncomfortable ice burns or frostbite.

OpalCool One Back/Tummy Wrap

● Clinically tested wearable cool therapy for back, hip, and belly pain ● Wear during pregnancy or post-partum for support and pain relief ● Antimicrobial-treated and safe against skin ● Available in two colors
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