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The easy, effective, and proven at-home treatment for Stress Urinary Incontinence – NOW AVAILABLE IN THE MIDDLE EAST!!

Flyte® revolutionizes urinary incontinence treatment helping thousands of women like you break free from pads

Clinically proven to treat urinary incontinence

Meet Flyte® – FDA-cleared. Proven to treat bladder leaks from the comfort of your home. Expert support by Doctors of Physical Therapy.

You do not need to live with leaks!

Flyte® is the only at-home intravaginal device that delivers the proven therapeutic treatment modality of mechanotherapy to treat stress urinary incontinence and strengthen pelvic floor muscles at home.

Flyte® does more than just train. Flyte® treats!


82.9% of women were continent in 6 weeks


Flyte® is 39 times more effective than Kegels alone

5 mins

Recommended treatment of 5 min/day

What is Flyte?

Flyte is one of the fastest pelvic floor muscle strengthening treatments cleared by the FDA. It’s designed to improve or stop stress urinary incontinence in just five minutes a day for six weeks.

The name Flyte comes from the Norwegian word “flytte,” which connotes freedom. Flyte was developed at the Arctic University of Norway by physicians and other experts in gynecology, muscle rehabilitation, and urinary incontinence treatments.

Why Choose Flyte?

Flyte® is backed by two clinical studies demonstrating continence rates and long-term results comparable to surgery.

Unlike most pelvic floor devices available online, Flyte® is more than a Kegel trainer. It doesn’t just offer biofeedback to help you contract your pelvic floor muscles. It’s an active treatment that delivers the proven therapeutic treatment modality of mechanotherapy to treat stress urinary incontinence and strengthen and tone pelvic floor muscles.

Flyte® is the first and only treatment of its kind. Flyte® is FDA cleared and is backed by over 15 years of research and development including rigorous clinical studies.

Our Success Stories

Hear from actual Flyte® users who have found tremendous success with Flyte® and have become part of the Flyte® Community!

What Our Customers are Saying


An empowering story of a woman who first tried surgery and then found Flyte and went from leaks to pickleball – “I used Flyte for 6 weeks and stopped leaking. That was over a year ago and I haven’t had to use it since.” – Kristen


A seasoned mom getting a piece of herself back with Flyte – “I wish every new mom knew this is an option.” – Brittany


Anna successfully navigated a long postpartum journey from a difficult childbirth and bladder problems to finding Flyte – “Flyte is the only product I found that really helped
with strengthening my muscles!” – Anna


A two-time mom and nurse felt empowered using Flyte to feel like herself again after childbirth – “It was powerful to feel that I have control over helping my body heal after childbirth.” – Amy


A powerful story about how Flyte helped her regain her confidence – “I no longer wear pads and I am confident without them!” – Carrie

What Clinicians are Saying

“As a pelvic health physical therapist, I have been recommending the Flyte device to my clients for a few years now.”


Dr. Kirsten DesMarais, PT, DPT, OCS

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist, Owner of Empower Ortho & Pelvic Health

“Definitely consider this FDA-cleared Flyte therapy as an alternative to surgery.”


Dr. Nissirine Nakib, MD

Director of Pelvic Floor Medicine & Assistant Professor of Female Urology and Urodynamics at the University of Minnesota

“Flyte has been a great addition to my pelvic health physical therapy tools. Definitely a “must have” treatment option.”


Dr. Mallory Hertz, PT, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist at FYZICAL

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